Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Why support the Shankill & East Belfast Extra

Enabling you to secure positive change for your community

We cover issues affecting you and your local community which helps ensure the right decisions are made for your community and that you have a say in how it happens

Providing a platform for you to campaign on issues that matter

We cover local issues which help enact change in the Shankill & East Belfast area and make a real difference to the lives of ordinary people in your community

Supporting local business

We want the Shankill & East Belfast area to thrive. By providing a platform for local business to promote their products, we ensure the local economy remains vibrant and keep local residents in work

Allowing you to hold local authority to account

Accountability is at the heart of our journalistic mission.  We question the decisions of local representatives to make sure they make the right decision for you and your community

Providing a platform to voice your opinion

If it matters to you it matters to us! We give a voice to residents whose opinion might otherwise go unheard


We care about the environment. All our paper is sourced from certified and sustainably managed forests

Cutting through the noise

In a digital age of tweets and posts and news is more accessible than ever before, we make sense of it all and deliver ultra local news that’s relevant to you

Building a sense of community

By shining a light on local issues and promoting local events we encourage participation in civic life and bring people together from all backgrounds

Preserving history

We preserve the history of your local community so that your family history isn’t lost

Investing in the future

We are meeting challenges head on. By investing in new technology, we can provide you with multiple platforms to access the Shankill and East Belfast Extra

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